Incontinence of the bladder and bowel affects 5 million people in the UK, mainly women.  Due to the sensitive nature of these health care issues women can take up to ten years before seeking help.  Some people are too embarrassed to speak to their GP and believe that incontinence is a normal consequence of aging or after child birth and may not appreciate that effective treatment is available.

Specialist physiotherapy is recommended as first line treatment now and offers improvement of "cure" for over 80% of women!

You may benefit from treatment if you answer 'yes' to any of our quick check list:-

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"One in every three women will suffer from women's health problems during their lifetime."

"There are around 14 Million people in the UK today with some form of bladder problem, this means more people suffer from bladder problems than diabetes, asthma and epilepsy put together"

"Physiotherapy is the most effective treatment available for stress, urge and mixed incontinence."

"You only get one pelvic floor in life........... look after it!"

"43% of women do not know how to do a basic pelvic floor contraction correctly."

"Most problems are preventable or treatable yet women take on average five years before seeking help!"
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Do you…
  • Have bladder weakness?
  • Leak urine if you cough, laugh, sneeze or during exercise?
  • Have problems controlling your bowels or suffer with constipation?
  • Experience urgency to empty your bladder and sometimes not get there in time?
  • Need to go to the loo more than eight times in twenty four hours?
  • Often get up to empty your bladder more than once in the night?
  • Feel you are not fully emptying your bladder?
  • Have any symptoms of prolapse, are recovering from a hysterectomy, prolapse repair or breast surgery?
  • Struggle to exercise your pelvic floor correctly or effectively?

We are passionate about preventing problems occurring in the first place where we can.  As many as 43% of women do not know how to do a basic pelvic floor contraction or how to exercise these very important muscles effectively!  If this includes you we can assess your pelvic floor and provide a range of advice and treatment to improve its strength before you start to experience difficulties.

So much can be done to put you back in control of your bladder and bowels and to prevent problems from becoming worse in the future.

Contact Womens Health Physiotherapy today and arrange your assessment.

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