Whether you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, a new mum or recovering from a difficult birth our aim is to improve your health, fitness and wellbeing so you can fully enjoy this very special time.  We offer a full Obstetric assessment of joint, pelvic or back pain and a range of effective treatments including individual muscle strengthening programmes, postural correction, manual therapy, Pilates, pregnancy support / belts, TENS, acupuncture, bio-feedback and electrical stimulation.  All treatment programmes will be explained fully and agreed with you first.

Please follow the links for more details on Antenatal and Postnatal conditions.

Also for ladies planning to become pregnant in the future, come and have our pre-pregnancy MOT! to promote a healthy active pregnancy, especially useful for second and third time mums.

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"One in every three women will suffer from women's health problems during their lifetime."

"50% of pregnant women will suffer from back or pelvic pain during their pregnancy."

"NICE recommend pelvic floor muscle training for all pregnant women."

"43% of women do not know how to do a basic pelvic floor contraction correctly."
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