Problems may occur during or after the delivery of your baby, we can help you to recover if you have:-

  • Back pain or pelvic joint pain after delivery also called SPD or PGP.  Womens Health Physiotherapy offers a range of treatments including manual therapy, massage,  personalised exercise programmes, Pilates and acupuncture.
  • Weakness or separation of the abdominal muscles resulting in poor tone or doming on movement at the front of your abdomen.  Untreated this can lead to long term back pain and requires assessment and a graded exercise programme to aid full recovery.

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"One in every three women will suffer from women's health problems during their lifetime."

"50% of pregnant women will suffer from back or pelvic pain during their pregnancy."

"NICE recommend pelvic floor muscle training for all pregnant women."

"43% of women do not know how to do a basic pelvic floor contraction correctly."
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  • Pain or weakness in the pelvic floor muscles especially after an instrumental delivery, a perineal tear or a difficult birth.  Treatment may include full assessment of the pelvic floor and use of bio-feedback or electrical stimulation if required as well as a tailored pelvic floor exercise program.
  • Bladder or bowel control problems following delivery.  As well as assessing the pelvic floor we can offer bladder retraining advice, bio-feedback and electrical treatments to aid pelvic floor recovery and prevent long term problems with incontinence.

You may just need a little expert help and advice to regain your figure, muscle strength and return to exercising following the arrival of your new baby!

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