Antenatal Instruction and preparation for Labour

We provide one to one antenatal advice on preparation for labour including:-

  • Postural advice and safe exercise
  • Breathing techniques for labour
  • Positions for labour and delivery
  • Massage for labour
  • Advice on postnatal recovery
  • Relaxation techniques

And of course advice and exercises to look after your pelvic floor!

Contact us at Womens Health Physiotherapy today to arrange your appointment.

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"One in every three women will suffer from women's health problems during their lifetime."

"50% of pregnant women will suffer from back or pelvic pain during their pregnancy."

"NICE recommend pelvic floor muscle training for all pregnant women."

"43% of women do not know how to do a basic pelvic floor contraction correctly."
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Womens Health Physiotherapy, Warrington
Womens Health Physiotherapy, Warrington